Since a humble beginning in 2006, Spectrum Exim has come to become one of the fastest growing manufacturers of construction chemicals in India. Alongside other products in our portfolio, we manufacture sealants on a large scale, and cater to customers in over 11 countries across the world.
Driven by a culture of change and innovation, we constantly strive to improvise on our technology, process and product quality to provide exceptional performance and ease in usage. This has helped us carve a niche for ourselves, and has become the very reason behind our monumental growth.
Currently our exclusive product portfolio includes Sealants, Rustic Textures, Dholpur Textures, Spray Gun Textures & Anti Corrosive Coatings while we are constantly exploring different horizons.
Research & Development
We believe that persistent innovation in all aspects of product conception & evelopment leads to perfection. We have distilled this belief in our product development process. At its core, the process bridges innovation with a customer-centric outlook and follows-up with rigorous quality control and testing. The end results are products that consistently exceed customer’s expectations and provide unparalleled performance.
Quality Assurance
A stringent Quality Control process flow ensures that the end-product reaching the customer meets the required standards & customer’s expectations. Our quality system makes sure that all processes in the company such as product development, purchase, quality control of the raw materials, manufacturing and final inspection are well-defined, recorded and controlled. We are a company certified with ISO 9001-2015.

Based in Ahmedabad, a city in Gujarat, India, all our processes from manufacturing to end packaging and dispatch, everything happens in- house for constant monitoring and maintaining stringent quality standards. The location of our manufacturing facility provides easy access to the Inland Sea Port, while ensuring every process pans out in one place.


  • To delight our clients worldwide by supplying high quality products at reasonable rates.
  • To inspire our people to work passionately and harmoniously
  • To equip our people to be globally competitive
  • To continually improve our business processes
  • To contribute to the growth and betterment of society as while we are growing as business.


To treat our customers as partners and provide them with reliable quality products based on best
value pricing.to work with enthusiastically for our customers and give true sign of quality product
also to them. We are doing work to give satisfaction to our every customers whosever doing
business with us.

 We are following our motto that is: “Quality over Quantity Always”